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9/16 Lunch Box Cards

Hey all! I hope you are having a great weekend and that those who are in Florence’s path have stayed indoors and safe. This week’s cards are below. Perhaps you will see a slight improvement in the quality. For weeks, I have been plagued with scanner frustrations that cause the works to look too bright, overexposed,  and not at all like the original works on paper. Had a breakthrough with these–they look very close the the original watercolors.


Here are the individual ones to print (or scroll for the entire set):

Here is the entire set on one printable page:

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8/20 Lunch Box Cards

Hard to believe that Summer is already winding down. For some reason, I am unwilling to let it go. Normally I am ready for fall and cool weather but this year I am hanging on for one last bite of carefree summer. Luckily our area does not start back to school officially until after Labor Day. Since so many Lotta followers are already back in session, I have the new lunch box cards ready for download and printing.